The importance of hiring a personal trainer cannot be overemphasized; though some people initially get turned-off on the idea of hiring one when they consider the cost involved or the daunting image of a trainer pushing them to near collapse. However, the benefits are overwhelming as they go a long way to ensure that you reach your health and fitness goal. One of the best Coaches and Trainers when it comes to Coaching Triathlon/Duathlon and Personal Training. I pay close attention to my clients’ individualized training programs and nutrition. I always ensure that I measure their strengths and weaknesses through fitness assessments, taking into account their current fitness level and then discuss their ultimate goals with them.  I use a Team approach.  I am not a dictator or drill sergeant.  I use a Team approach because a lot of people don't want a drill sergeant.  They want someone to communicate with.  Life is full of choices.  Why add to the stress and pressure.?Training is to fit in your lifestyle and you enjoy it not stress about it.  We are going to make a bad choice and we have to figure out why the choice was made, dust your knees off, get back up and move on.  Learn from it.  That's what life is about - learning!

I am an experienced Coach and Trainer who focuses on the quality of her clients workouts/plan, by increasing the efficiency of their training program. Listening to my clients and paying attention to my the clients feedback and find a creative way to optimize their training program.  My programs are individualized by client goals and their assessment results; this is not a mere ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of program.  Ensuring that my clients plans are personalized plan I create is tailored to meet client’s goals, and needs to achieve their goals is what I love to do.  Teaching my clients the proper form and technique is one of my specialties. My idea of nutrition leads to body fat loss and gives the energy needed to train and recover properly;  also looking closely at where my clients are at with their nutrition and we take it done day at a time.  Change doesn't happen overnight.  It took time to get here so it will take time to get to where you want to be. Change boils down to better choices.  We stumble and fall and have to figure out why and get back up. Whatever your goal, my skill set, continuing education and life experience are capable of guarantying your success.  I am very passionate about my work!  I believe in quality of service!

My passion is to celebrate the small things and motivating my clients!  Small goals lead to big results!  Motivation is very difficult to maintain when you exercise on your own. Therefore, a regular session with me will help generate accountability, structure and an individualized program which is a real motivator for clients not to give up. In carrying out training, I always celebrate my client’s consistency, progress and accomplishments, which serves as a real motivator for them! So if you lack self-motivation, commitment or your previous training have felt complacent, I am the key to elevate your fitness routine and ensure you don't become complacent anymore.



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What clients say

I started training with Heather in 2012. I'd been a triathlete coming in however, I had never ran under an 11:30 mile.  Under her direction I ran a 10k race at a 9:50 mile pace four months after I started training with her. 


The swim has always been my strength but it was taking me over 20 strokes to get across the pool and with Heather's help it now takes me 15 strokes.  For my last race I even did a 750 meter swim in 8:58 which demolished my PR. 



Nutrition is all Greek to me as my idea of a healthy meal had been Hamburger Helper.  However, Heather's knowledge of nutrition has helped me not only continue to lose weight, it has also given me the energy that I need to continue training and recover properly.  She helped me find healthy alternatives to the foods I used to enjoy. 

    After injuring my shoulder in a non training related accident she knew exactly what exercises would help strengthen and loosen it.  Also being unable to swim due to the injury she was able to change my triathlon training to duathlon on very short notice. 


She has provided me with both the instruction and the accountability that I needed to succeed.  Whatever your goals are I know Heather will help you achieve them.

-Jolene Hamburg

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A note from me:

"What do you look forward to when you go to train?  Is it downtime from life?  I look forward to quiet time to clear my heart, mind and spirit.  The Lord has spoken to me in a lot of ways when training.  He has given me some amazing ideas and just spoken to me about whatever he wants me to hear.  I love how I feel when I am done. 

On those hard pressed days, I have to stop thank GOD for the day, take a deep breath and know that everything will turn out the way it is supposed to. 


What motivates you?  Is it your health, a family member or did someone you know at your workout facility inspire you?

My own personal experience with my weight loss of 100lbs and a total life transformation has inspired me to discover my gifts, talents and has pushed me to be pushed to my potential!  The mission of JOY Fitness is to inspire others to set goals, live a healthy lifestyle and empower them to be the best they can be through lifestyle, setting personal goals and athletics!"



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