My passion is to give others their lives back!

About Heather and Joy Thru Fitness

Through my childhood I suffered from a lack of self-confidence and depression, I struggled with improper nutrition that caused weight fluctuation, this contributed to being overweight most of my life.

At one point, I became bulimic, desperate to lose weight. I tried several techniques to reduce my weight, including dieting, starving myself and even attempted a Christian weight loss diet, all to no avail. In 2007, during a routine doctor’s visit, at the age of 31, I was 230lbs, pre-diabetic, had high cholesterol and was headed for a heart attack and or stroke. On top of that, I found out that I had food allergies too and my Doctor recommended hiring a personal trainer.

My story changed when I signed up with a personal trainer, who introduced me to triathlons, which includes running, swimming and biking. At first, this was not easy for me, but eventually, I had my first swim lesson at the age of 31. I was able to overcome my fears. Subsequently, I developed a passion for sports and became highly competitive. That's when I discovered my hidden talents and the gifts God gave me. After gaining much experience, I enrolled in a training school and became a trainer, and at the same time trained to become an athlete.

In 2012, I emerged first in my age group competition and was invited to the AG National Championships. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend. In 2014, I came first in my age group in "My First World's Qualifier", however, the course was marked incorrectly. Even though I finished early, I still lost my spot for Triathlon Team USA. Upset and frustrated, due to losing my spot, even though it was my best race, I decided to try a Duathlon.

In 2016, I raced Duathlon Nationals, coming in 2nd in my age group, qualifying for Duathlon Team USA 2017 in Penticton, Canada. After making the Team for Duathlon I decided to try again at Triathlon. Due to an injury in 2017, I dropped down to the Meek and Mighty at St. Anthony's Triathlon, and came in 1st in my age group. I placed 5th overall, which qualified me to race in the Sarasota Bradenton Festival and made Triathlon Team USA 2018.

I have had the privilege of representing the United States in an international race on September 13, 2018, in Gold Coast, Australia. I set a goal to come in the top 20. Over the past 8 years, I have dedicated myself whole-heartedly to qualifying for this particular race and to make the Gold Coast Triathlon Team USA 2018. USA Triathlon is the governing body that organizes all of the races. ITU and USA Triathlon partner together to hold these races for Amateur Age Groupers. Being able to compete and represent Triathlon Team USA 2018 is a dream come true. I am seeking sponsorships and or donations to help me make my dreams a reality by racing in Australia.

Having endured through such challenges in my childhood and all those accomplishments as an adult, I am in the right position to know exactly how to solve the problems of physical deformities and poor dieting. I go the extra mile in bringing out the inner athlete from my clients and making them believe they could achieve whatever fitness condition they desire.

I have always used myself as an example. With this, I persuade others to invest in themselves to find what they love about fitness. My passion is to give others their lives back!

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ACE Personal Trainer
ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist
NESTA/ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach
NESTA Certified Sports Injury Specialist
NESTA Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist
USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach