Duathlon / Triathlon Coaching

To train for a duathlon or triathlon, first, you need fitness and skill assessments, and flexibility and range of motion evaluations.

Secondly, you and I will meet once a week for our session. We will work on nutrition through the week as well as figuring out your plan according to your lifestyle, work, and race schedules.

Nutrition is key to get ready for race day and I will help you monitor it.

You and I will also work on improving your mobility, flexibility stability, and strength. Giving you a base on what to continuously work on for the big day.

Option of training at your home
or community center

Challenge is on, let's do this!



ACE Personal Trainer
ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist
NESTA/ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach
NESTA Certified Sports Injury Specialist
NESTA Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist
USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach