Maximize your workout

Personal Training

Personal Training is an individualized journey!

Are you exercising without seeing any results? Perhaps you are missing a key ingredient in your training, accountability.

Your training session provides:

  • Functional movement/flexibility/strength assessments to create your individualized program
  • Accountability
  • Form correction
  • Weekly flexibility and strength plans
  • Nutrition advice and goal setting
  • Unconditional professionalism to help you progress in developing a healthy lifestyle

Option of training at your home
or community center


Nutrition consulting focuses on where you are at the moment nutritionally, starting with helping you keep track of your daily food and drink intake,  whether it is writing it on paper or using an app.

I meet with you to set daily, weekly and monthly goals to attain. The biggest part of nutrition consulting is readiness and transparency. You have to be ready to make changes to see results.

I will discuss with you how to make better nutritional choices!

Start reaching your fitness goals and elevate your training



ACE Personal Trainer
ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist
NESTA/ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach
NESTA Certified Sports Injury Specialist
NESTA Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist
USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach